Monday, February 5, 2007


I really need to stop killing so many Palestinian kids. I'm starting to feel the backlash. Ok, allow me to explain...a few days ago some idiot kid in Morocco who thinks he's a freedom fighter decided to teach me a lesson. He hacked into my website and deleted almost 70% of my stuff. He cleaned out my photography, graphic design, and other art that I've made over the past two years. Why? Simple. Ignorance. After reading his message "For every Palestinian kid you kill, we kill your servers. " I realized that he probably didn't get the memo that I was against the war. Also, other parts of the story lead me to realize that it was also because I'm Jewish. Ignorance is the only thing in this world that makes me mad. Long story short, my work was backed up and is now as good as new...I suppose I should cancel my vacation to Morocco though.

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Anonymous said...

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