Friday, March 2, 2007


Good morning, and welcome to March! Who knew it would get here as fast as it did. Above, you can see I'm still playing with the new brushes that I made last night. As you'll see (if you visit my blog with any kind of frequency) I happen to really enjoy drawing trees. I'm not sure there's an underlying reason behind it other than the fact that I find them fun to draw. Plus, I wish I had a tire swing growing up. Sure that wasn't a funny post, just a little factoid about me. Ta-da!


Eddie said...

Adam is this the same tree that the Plinkalot lives in?
If so is he happier now that he has a tire swing?

Dara said...

dara said...

( i dont know if i was supposed to write that part or not)
anyway- i like this one- it makes me think of 'to kill a mockingbird' hope today goes well!

Adam said...

Sadly, no this is not the same tree that the Plinkalot calls home. True, he'd be happier with a tire swing but then he wouldn't be so adorably pessimistic.

Kid, no you didn't have to write that part but it's cute that you did. I'm glad you like it. The day went well, thank you. I hope I can continue to make things that you like.