Tuesday, July 3, 2007


"I'm tired of people not treating me like the gift that I am." -Paula Abdul

This little gem was brought to you by the newest train wreck star to join the reality show express. Her show "Hey Paula!" is mind melting and leaves you asking whaaaa?


steve said...

No kidding, I didn't even know she had a new show. I find her pretty darn hot though, much more so now than back in the day, strangely enough.

Belinda said...

Hey Paula!? Talk about a come-back queen!

Seems the "Idol" franchise has been a magnificent vehicle for lifting the profiles of the "has beens" of the entertainment world across the globe, Australia included.

Good luck to them I say :o)

Anonymous said...

???-> I just like to said hello................end.

Adam said...

Yeah, Steve, if you want to still find her attractive...don't watch the show. She's a bit of a mess. Good luck to them indeed!