Sunday, November 11, 2007


Once in a while, when you look at the moon, the moon looks back in a surly manor. "What did I ever do to you Mr. Moon?" You might think. The moon will remain quiet, unwavering in it's condescending gaze. The more you stare, the worse you'll feel. Soon, you won't want to leave your house at night. Don't let the moon win. He's just jealous because he's stuck in the sky and you're free to roam around. Worry not about the moon. Take back the night, take back your life.


steve said...

What can i say? This is simply awesome. Both the moon and the writing.

Katherine S said...

Awesome!!!! really good work!
and thanks for the websites for inspiration :) I sure will take a look on theses!!!!

Adam said...

Thanks you guys! Your comments always make me smile. :)