Wednesday, December 30, 2009


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2009 was a pretty good year. It doesn't feel like we're approaching a new decade. What will we refer to this decade as? Was this the 0's? That sounds pretty lame. How will people sum up this decade? Will we be the web2.0 years or the autotunies. I hope neither stick. Speaking of years and naming conventions I propose that we get back on track and call this new year 2010 twenty-ten. Not two thousand ten. I miss the good old days of "nineteen-anything."

Unrelated to anything, the image above is an amalgam of back and forth drawings created by myself and my friend Ziggy Blumenthal. He drew the first one, I saw it, liked it and decided to do my take on it....after not looking at it for about an hour. Obviously I might have gotten a few things wrong but that's where the charm was. (that's what I kept telling myself) What ensued was a series of drawings created alternately with only one rule: After you see the previous image briefly, draw your interpretation. Some were spaced out over several hours. The longer the time, the more the "charm."

I don't have a snappy closing line for 2009. That wasn't meant to rhyme. Neither was that. Happy New Year everybody!!!


Ziggy said...

This should be illegal.

Katherine S said...

way too cool Adam! great drawing, love it!!

Anthony Hibbert said...

Some great stuff here. Nice one.

Adam Levine said...

Thanks Anthony!

Kat, glad to hear from ya, thanks for the nice words!

Ziggy, yes....but it's not...yet.