Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sneaky Pants McGee

Here's a sneaky little dude. He was totally rummaging around where he shouldn't have been...and he knows it!

(It's been way too long since I've participated in IF. It feels good to be back!)


Screen name: Grumpass said...

He wouldn't be left alone in my house thats fer sure.

It looks like we're both back after a break, only difference is I had had to start a new blog as I've mislaid my login details for the old account.

It'd be nice if you could drop by and comment on my illo.

Holly said...

I love his sheepish expression, just reminds me of my dog when she's been caught doing something wrong!

Sassy said...

I love that Sneakypants isn't even wearing pants... now THAT is sneaky!! (;

Anonymous said...

haha cute, wonder where he was at. :)

Megan Moran Smith said...

Be very quiet sneaky rabbit. Love him.

Adam Levine said...

Hi Grumpass, welcome back to the scene.

Holly, it's that grin that lets all adorable animals get away with murder. Beware!

Sassy, nothing gets by you!

Wendy, even I don't know.

Thanks Rue :)

I'm glad you all like this little guy, I'm sure he'll be skulking around these parts for a while!

Kara and Ezme said...

Ha- awesome character! Cool design too. Hope to see more of your artwork.