Monday, February 6, 2012

Background Art

Here's a background from one of the shots in a handful of short animated pieces I'm directing at work. I drew and colored this one based on a layout by the talented Sean DePew.


no longer said...

I don't think anyone will see this.but here it is.I keep seeing Adam on comercials talking about his ADD bipolar disorder, i was wondering how you really keep it under controle you enspire me in that effect but i can't seem to keep my head on straight with it,i know i was meant for more then this in the world but it seems it's to late for me the over whelming sadness and depresion has my life over i watch you and i'm wondering how you can do it you are very talented and seem very real not like the hollywood bs thats out there i hope i can keep going on and you keep me there in lifes path with your isperation,thank you for your soul,may be i can make it a little longer without confusion in my own head pain in my heart listening to your enspired words and find the help before it's to late, like it seems it is.I'm glad there are plp in the world like you a kind soul of words.keep inspiring. from Think it's to late

Adam Levine said...

I suppose, this message has as much a chance at getting to you as yours did to it's intended audience since it looks like you didn't leave a name or way of writing back to you. That said, while I am an Adam Levine, I'm not the singer you meant this for. But that's not to say that I'm not a concerned person. I'm sorry to hear about your situation and can only offer advice. If you are in need of talking to someone, I strongly suggest reaching out to the folks at I realize that this might not be easy but I believe that any help is better than trying to deal with this alone, because in this big world we live in, you're not alone. I truly hope it's not too late for you and wish you the best of luck in this difficult time.
All the best,
A concerned Adam Levine