Friday, June 29, 2007


Double your pleasure, double your fun!

Here's my one day late illustration for this week's Illustration Friday topic "Camouflage." I posted two versions of it because when I work in digital paint I sometimes wind up really enjoying early versions of what I do that never make it to the public eye. I usually don't stick with them but today I thought I would share my process a bit. I think that they both have merit but as much as I enjoy a good silhouette, the one with the detail makes it obvious that this was not composed with a perfectly readable silhouette in mind.

p.s. The tree texture came from the greatly talented Vonster! Thanks Von! Now everyone go check out his stuff.

1 comment:

eachean said...

Great image, great idea. It would be cool to have it be like 10 times as long so that you would have to scroll sideways to get to the guy.