Friday, April 6, 2007


I am 8-BIT

Today I decided to enter a contest sponsored by IGN and gallery 1988. This piece is entitled "Spin-Off." The idea is to create artwork related to 8-Bit graphics games such as the one featured above. If you can't figure out who it is, you might want to consider renting property that isn't located in a cave. I'll post an update if I happen to win any goofy prizes. ((Also, on a side note, I apologize to and thank anyone who I might be letting down by not updating as frequently as I should but continues to pop in to see if I do...))


steve said...

Are you kidding man? I can't keep up with all this great stuff. Good luck with the contest--this is perfect. I used to love the sounds and music of 8 bit games. There's a neat site dedicated to free 8 bit music called 8 bit peoples.

Eddie said...

Its a Mario! Japan's favorite sterotype icon.

Adam said...

Thanks guys!'re very good at flattery. I worry that people will think that I'm paying you to say the nice things you say about my work...I'm thrilled that you like my stuff. You've got some great work as well! (The check is in the mail.)