Thursday, April 12, 2007


Sometimes, it's too late to do just have to roll with it. Just keep telling yourself that it'll all work out in the end.

Oh, and anyone reading this who I haven't already told, I have 2 seconds of animation on MTV tomorrow night (Thursday the 12th). It's of a guy getting hit by a car in a video game for the new sketch comedy show "Human Giant!" at 10:30 est. Check it out but don't blink, you'll miss it!


Eddie said...

OK I dont know where to start with this one. Why is there trees on this creatures nose?! Is it way way to lure those purple pink and hot pink creatures on him so he can eat them? If so why the hell or those things attracted to trees? It is the tasty fruit the trees produce? Does the creature put the tress there or do they grow there naturally? Or are they just an appendage that has grown through evolution that is shaped like a tree much like the worm like tonge of the aligator snaping turtle?
This peice realy makes you think.
Its is very nice, I like.

Katherine S said...

:( can't see your animation... it sais the video won't play outside the US.. duh!!

great drawing btw! I'm a fan :)

Adam said...

Thanks for trying, it's actually going to be on television. It's not on the web yet. So if you can get MTV tonight, you can see it. Oh, and I'm glad you like my ill-fated birdie things :)